Future Engineering Ireland 2019

17th January 2019

Citywest, Dublin

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Exhibitor FAQs

Q What is self-build (space only)?

A: The term 'Self-Build' is used to describe the stand option where you rent floor space only and arrange for your own stand construction (including floor coverings). 

Q What is shell scheme?

A: The term 'Shell Scheme' is used to describe the stand option where the organiser arranges for a basic stand to be constructed for you; the floor space is provided with walling, carpet, basic electrics, fascia and name board. Shell schemes are built by Total Expo, using their Octanorm design.

Q How do the electrics, air and water supplies get to a stand?

A: There is limited ducting within the halls. As a result, power and other services are run to the stand via a 'Buzz Bar' set at a height of 3.9m above the exhibition floor. To order additional electrics beyond those included with shell scheme packages or for self-build, please contact 

Q How high can stands be built?

A: Space Only stands can be built up to 4m for any stand fitting, towers, banners, graphics, etc. Shell Scheme exhibitors are requested to keep displays to within the height of the stand (normally 2.5m). There is no restriction on the height of actual machines (not replicas) displayed on either Space Only or Shell Scheme stands.

The full stand build regulations can be down loaded here.

Q Can exhibitors build their own stand?

A: There is no reason why an exhibitor cannot build their own stand, but all materials and building practices must be consistent with the strict safety regulations demanded by the Premier Publishing and the MTA. 

Q Who is the MTA?

A:  The Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) is the premier UK trade association representing the engineering and allied sectors, who lead the world in manufacturing technologies. We represent UK companies and their associates who drive UK manufacturing, technology, innovation and quality.

Q Who owns the MTA?

A: As a trade association the members own the MTA, which supports MACH’s claim to be run for the industry by the industry. An active  Exhibition Committee, representing a variety of MTA members and MACH exhibitors, closely guides management policy and show direction.

Q Who is ESSA?

A: The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) represents the myriad of stand design and construction companies vying to assist Space Only exhibitors with their stands. ESSA offers a bond, which ensures that should an ESSA company get into any difficulty and be unable to build / finish a client’s stand, ESSA will step in and guarantee the stand is delivered.

Q How long has National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition & Jobs Expo been running?

A: The exhibition has been running since 2013; this is the first time that Future Engineering Ireland has been co-located with the show. 

Q Are electrics included?

A: Basic power and lighting is provided for Shell Scheme stands only. Self-build exhibitors must use the appointed electrical contractors for the show to provide and install all the exhibit power and stand lighting. Details of the appointed contractors can be found on the Contractors page of this website.

Q Who cleans the stands at night?

A: Exhibitors are expected to clean and tidy their own stand. Please arrive with the correct materials to do so.

Q Do exhibitors have to pay for parking?

A: Parking at Citywest, Dublin is free though limited; it is advised that you get there early to ensure getting a parking space.

Q Can we bring our own furniture and floral displays?

A: Modern furniture and floral displays, as commonly used in the office environment, may be utilised at FEI Provided that displays are of the same high standard of materials and fire retardant standards as expected within an exhibition, exhibitors may bring their own. Any such items must be removed from the exhibition halls in line with the breakdown schedule.

Q When can we start setting up our stands/exhibits?

A: Full details of the build up schedule will be available on the Contractor page; exhibitors are expected to set up their stand on 16th January.

Q What are the break down dates?

A: Break-down will take place on 17th January after the exhibition closes, with some stands being removed on 18th January.

Q Is there sufficient time to commission / de-commission exhibits?

A:  Yes, sufficient time is allowed to commission and de-commission exhibits. 

Q Does the MTA own/organise National Manufacturing?

A: No. The MTA owns Future Engineering Ireland which is co-located within National Manufacturing, which is owned by Premier Publishing Ltd.

Q How many invites will be given to exhibitors?

The exhibition is free to attend, so no specified number of invites are allocated to each exhibitor.

Q What support is the organiser able to give inexperienced or first time exhibitors?

A: The MTA is committed to assisting first time exhibitors, please contact  Nicola Harrison for advice and support.